Two roads diverged in a secret wood...

Grab your compass and start your Emma Troy Design adventure.

Which one will you choose?

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Which one will you choose?

Grab your compass and start
your Emma Troy Design adventure.

Two roads diverged in a secret wood...



But not this time. 

This time, you’re going to set the foundation for a successful DIY website that’s strategic, purposeful and primed to convert.

Because let’s be real, working out how to create your DIY website can often be painful, confusing, stressful, frustrating and an easy toss into the ‘WAY Too Hard’ basket.


Created by your resident conversion optimised Showit site specialist (learn more about me here), the Hero’s Journey challenge will guide you in prepping for DIY website success. 

… Sans the stress, confusion, chaos, complications and overwhelm of figuring it all out yourself.  

The DIY Website Hero's Journey is a FREE five-day adventure game for creatives, creators, entrepreneurs and small business bosses.

Adventure awaits, hero. 


The bad news? That human hostage is your DREAM customer. Noooo. 😨

The good news? You can totally save their life (and transform the Pit of Unachieved Goals into the Rainbow of DIY Website Prep Success)! Yaaaas. 🌈

Gasp! The Great Goblin of Overwhelm has taken a human hostage and is ready to throw their poor, defenceless soul into the Pit of Unachieved Goals.


Your DIY website needs a hero... will it be you?

How to success-proof your DIY website with a simple – but potent – site strategy.  

The secret to understanding your target market and creating a site that feels like their home away home (and somewhere they crave hanging out in and exploring). 

Crafting a visual brand personality that gives your business – and website! – unique presence, purpose and passion. 

What it takes to make a conversion optimised site that turns visitors into Very Interested Leads that are yelling, “Take my money!”

The anatomy of a conversion optimised website (with done-for-you wireframe templates you can easily fill out and complete to create your own DIY website success map). 

Where to build your website to benefit from creative flexibility, design freedom and stress-free support. 

How to counter the common mistakes most first-time DIY website creators make (but that you won’t – ‘cause you’re taking this adventure!) - and prep your website to be a conversion optimised machine. 

Over five days, you’ll fight epic battles*, win shiny conversion coins** and learn cool stuff like:

The Adventure

Each adventure is delivered direct to your inbox, and a new level – and mission – is unlocked every day for five days. 

The Levels

The strategy

day one

The visual brand

day two

The (totally done for you) wireframes

day three

The website platform

day four

The DIY fears and fails (turned successes)

day five

*From the comfort of your couch, desk or bed. 
**Not real currency. #sorry


No boring Powerpoint slides. No reams of snooze-inducing content. Just easy-to-digest educational juiciness that’ll make you feel more like you’ve chilled out with a fun video game for a few days (not learned a complete system for planning your DIY website – which you will have!)

So, what’s it going to be? Will you be the hero your website and dream customer needs? Or will you pull a Houdini and leave them for the Pit of Unachieved Goals?

Oh, and gentle reminder … all of this is totally FREE (and really fun).


You’ll finish your adventure as the heroic dream-customer-saving hero I know you are – complete with a priceless trophy in the form of a comprehensive plan purposefully made for your DIY website.