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Two roads diverged in a secret wood...



The incredible Bambi has been documenting people’s lives on film for over two decades. More than just a photographer, Bambi captures moments and creates memories. Effortlessly too; she has an amazing eye!

Photography by Bambi

wordpress website design

The business

Before working together:

The history

Bambi’s website was out of date, non-mobile responsive and ineffectively showcasing her work. 

She didn’t like her website and stopped uploading her work to it, instead relying on Instagram because her website was ‘just too hard’. The original build made even DIYing hard.

Her brand was polished and aligned, but her website let down her online presence.

Bambi was losing enquiries in an outdated contact form.

Bambi was ready to streamline her enquiry process and replace studio catch-ups and phone conversations with automated price guides and a booking system that enabled her to save time, work from home and help out in her husband’s crayfish business too. 

Bambi longed for a website that not only showcased her work effortlessly, but felt like a true representation of the feelings, emotions and experience her photography evoked. To achieve this, Bambi wanted to collaborate with web designer that saw the artistry in her work and was willing to design something custom to complement her images, rather than stuffing her work into a template. Automation was a must and, lastly, Bambi needed her website to be easy to use; for her and her clients!  

The dream

To provoke an instant connection with her audience, and to give her photography the attention it deserved, I harnessed a custom design utilising white space to give her images room to breathe. I aligned her fonts and typography with her branding and used scroll to actions to help users easily find the experience they were searching for. Finally, I incorporated external photography software (for her bookings & proof gallery) that seamlessly fit in with the rest of the website and didn't make the user feel like they were exiting one site for another.

The design

After launching her new custom photography website:

The results

Bambi’s wedding enquiries have doubled!

Has stopped spending money on additional marketing channels and networking, because her website does the selling for her. 

She spends less time in her inbox fielding questions (hallelujah!) and less time in the studio having meetings. She now works from her home and has the flexibility to set her own schedule. 

Bambi’s web traffic has increased significantly. 

The time her visitors spend on her site has improved. 

Bambi is head over heels in love with her new site and feels proud to share it with the world. 

Has freed up her time and her studio to run an additional two successful businesses from the studio – House of Artisan (Creative workshops) and Laurelea B&B (yep, the studio now doubles as an Airbnb!)

Experience the Photography by Bambi's custom Wordpress website

view the website

In Bambi's words

"I have worked with Emma on numerous occasions now, so it was a no-brainer to have her work on my website, which became a full re-boot because of the design I chose. Emma made the process seamless and enjoyable, even helping with content creation, providing advice and recommendations where she thought I needed it."

"I would highly recommend Emma Troy Design to any creative or professional seeking a sleek new website to match your personality and business function."

Key elements

Magic moments

Add on brand elements to work with current logo (watercolour texture and font selection).

Pared-back design crafted with optimal user experience in mind.

Custom contact form to encourage leads.

Unique investment page with tailored price guide automation.

Integration with existing booking form and client gallery systems.

Professional photography by Photography by Bambi.

Will be friends for life.

Almost 1 year helping hubby harvest redclaw crayfish (time she gained from reducing her inbox influx!)

80 stunning photos showcased. 

I’ll bring the peanut butter*, you bring your sweet self, and together let’s turn that website envy into a digital home you and your audience can’t help but fall head over heels in love with.

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