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Which one will you choose?

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your Emma Troy Design adventure.

Two roads diverged in a secret wood...



Meet Cass: A creative copywriter and word nerd, Cass works with female entrepreneurs and business owners searching for words that woo and copy that converts. 

Wild Spirit Co

branding, showit web design & illustration

The business

Before working together:

The history

Cass was a devoted DIYer who had designed all her past websites … but had yet to create something she really loved.

Cass felt frustrated and limited by the creative constraints of her current Wordpress website. 

While her brand was polished it wasn't quite aligned with her vision and Cass felt her website lacked the visual presence needed to take her to the next level. 

Cass was ready to create a series of targeted opt-ins that would elevate her digital marketing, and needed a website that would support her goals. 

Cass had a creative vision for her site that would allow her imagination and personality to truly flourish. She needed great functionality and flexibility from her web platform, and a talented designer who could transform her dreams into designs her target audience would adore

The dream

Working with Cass, we created a website that blended original illustrations and iconography with interactive website elements that showcased her creativity. We also rebranded Wild Spirit Co with an illustrative logo that captures the playful essence of Cass.

The design

After launching her new brand and Showit website, Cass:

The results

Got a 300% return on investment in just 48-hours. 

Now converts 90% of new client contact submissions. 

Reports that the time her visitors spend on each page has doubled. 

Finds it easier than ever to attract her dream clients. 

Has clients that are thoroughly pre-qualified and ready to roll, before they’ve even reached out to her.

Conquered website shame and truly elevated her digital game.

Has a site that reflects her bubbly personality and is a masterpiece of entrepreneurial creativity, allowing her to engage with her audience using leading gamification and marketing practices. 

Experience the Wild Spirit Co brand and custom Showit website

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In Cass's words

"Working with Emma was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. It wasn’t just the creativity and artistry she injected into my site, it was that she was there for me, by my side, every single step of the way. She’s as clever as she is talented and has an innate sense for knowing what will resonate with your audience, almost guaranteeing that the end result will bring you the clients and kudos you deserve"

"I’d cry right now but I’m too gobsmacked! You NAILED it! This is the best logo I have seen in my entire life and if I were a logo I’d marry it and have its babies.

I have ZERO changes because you’re awesome and amazing and have blown my mind. You nailed it the first time."

"I worship you. I’m building a temple in your honour."

"Never will I ever use another web developer other than Emma Troy. Working with Emma on my new website was like walking into a five star hotel, having the red carpet rolled out and then being pampered and treated like a total VIP star."

"She saved me at least a hundred grey hairs and managed to turn what could have been a mega stressful experience into a fun, exciting and pleasurable adventure that I didn’t want to end! And as for my final website? Phwoar. I’m in love with every single pixel and I know this is exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level." 

Key elements

Magic moments

Custom illustrative and hand lettered logo and branding

Product, print and packaging design for a unique customer brand experience

Cute iconography 

Custom hand-drawn illustrations 

Personality-filled hero headers

Professional photography by Hayley Richardson

Versatile functionality via Showit

Compelling copy written by Cass

38 teas sipped

Four designs inspired by a singing mermaid 

One friendship cultivated (that’ll last a lifetime!)

Five illustrations sat on by the resident feline

One father asking, “Does she sell mermaids, dear?”

Cass's reaction to her new logo, “I’d cry right now but I’m too gobsmacked! You NAILED it! This is the best logo I have seen in my entire life and if I were a logo I’d marry it and have its babies.”