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Which one will you choose?

Grab your compass and start
your Emma Troy Design adventure.

Two roads diverged in a secret wood...



Truth time: Your website should be more than an expensive digital business card. 

(Especially a boring, bland and ineffective digital business card … that’s for other businesses, okay?)

Which is why, if you’re starting from scratch or have a website that isn’t pulling in the kudos and conversions you deserve, you’re in the right place. 

Let's create an online experience your audience can't get enough of

Ready to turn your website into an online home that connects, captivates and converts?

Hi explorer, I'm Emma.

It’s one-part storytelling, one-part strategy and a holistic digital journey, complete with aesthetics you’ll adore and top-notch tech to support your vision and business goals. 

From design to functionality, let’s upgrade your online success with a beautiful and professional Showit website that is 100% you!

I’m here to help you build an online home that captures your creativity, authentically shares your story and takes your dream customers on a meaningful journey from curiosity to conversion. 

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Website Conversion Strategy
Showit Website + Blog Design
Icon Design
SEO friendly
Brand Strategy
Logo & Submark Design
Social Media Templates

Investment: from $9800AUD

Website & Branding

Website Conversion Strategy
Showit Website + Blog Design
Coming Soon Page
Icon Design
SEO friendly

Investment: from $7500AUD


to build your custom Showit website 

Two unique adventures

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Ready for a website that launches a thousand "Yes's" from your ideal customers?

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Ditch DIY overwhelm. Sayonara website shame.
This is an authentic experience designed just for you. 

Ditch DIY overwhelm. Sayonara website shame. This is an authentic experience designed just for you. 

Custom Websites Designed for Creative Entrepreneurs

If we are new friends, I’ll take the time to explore your brand and get to know you better before I get started. This is an intuitive brand discovery process, complete with questions and homework (the fun kind, don’t worry!) plus a zoom call. I’ll then create a unique brand board that blends old with new to create a captivating visual direction for your website. 

step two

Navigating your visual direction

It all starts with a custom design crafted with passion and infused with purpose. You’ll receive initial concepts to provide feedback on, and then, once you’re 100% happy, I will get to work building your beautiful online home. Finally, we’ll test and proof your site to ensure it feels as good to use as it looks. 

Your web design and development

Your purposeful (and oh so persuasive) website is ready to launch! We’ll hit the “go” button and I'll ensure you’re equipped with the information and confidence to manage your new website yourself. After that? The sky’s the limit! What adventure will you dream up for us next?

step three

We'll pop the bubby!

Before we dive in to create your one-of-a-kind website, let’s make sure that we’re the perfect match for each other! Once you’ve checked out my portfolio, FAQ and adventure menu, we can connect via to ensure our styles, philosophies and personalities are aligned. 

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cassandra lane, wild spirit co

"Working with Emma was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. It wasn’t just the creativity and artistry she injected into my site, it was that she was there for me, by my side, every single step of the way. She’s as clever as she is talented and has an innate sense for knowing what will resonate with your audience, almost guaranteeing that the end result will bring you the clients and kudos you deserve"

mackenzie fleming, wicked content

"Emma's work and the whole experience creating a website with her left me speechless multiple times (which is hard to do since I'm a copywriter!). Emma immediately crushed any and every expectation I came in with and continued to blow me away every single step of the way. I had an idea in my head of what my perfect website would look like and Emma delivered that and MUCH more!"

jan jones, branch & blossom

"Emma Troy is exceptional in every sense of the word. If you want nothing but the very best for your business then Emma Troy Design absolutely needs to be your first choice"

bambi gosbell, photography by bambi

"I would highly recommend Emma Troy Design to any Creative or Professional seeking a sleek new website to match your personality and business function.”

Ready for a website that launches a thousand "Yes's" from your ideal customers?

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Introducing the completely customisable website collection. Stylish Showit templates that have been created to connect, captivate and convert.

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Your website should be more than a boring digital business card. It should be as cute, clever and creative as you!

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Get ready to make and master your own high-converting Showit website!

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