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Which one will you choose?

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your Emma Troy Design adventure.

Two roads diverged in a secret wood...



Magic-making branding and Showit website design for creatives, coaches and digital entrepreneurs.

Hey entrepreneurial explorer, what's your (visual) story?

Is it an adventurous tale laced with heart, soul and dashes of daring? A legacy devoted to your creativity and craft? A fable filled with fun and puns? 

No matter what legend you’re launching, I’m here as your branding bestie and website conversion expert to channel your heart and soul into meaningful visual stories that capture their heart and soul.

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I’m Emma – your chief popcorn munching, emoji-enthusing (not sorry) and curly-haired creative obsessed with crafting high-converting Showit websites and irresistible visual brands. 

From my farm in south-east Queensland, I help creatives, coaches and entrepreneurial adventurers just like you transform their boring brands and bland websites into (nearly) magical money-making masterpieces that illustrate their story and illuminate their value.

When I’m not immersing myself in a new Showit website template or custom design, you’ll find me swooning over - and happily annoying - my horse-whispering husband, or dreaming up ideas for an illustrated children’s book. Oh, and, y’know, gently guiding Fudge the cow away from the mangoes. Again. 

Pssst… I’m also an Australian Showit Design Partner (we’re rarer than hen’s teeth).

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You’re embarrassed by your brand and website. 

You’re here to give purpose to your passion … and make a profit while you’re at it! But you feel like your website, visual brand and logo are letting you down. Big time. You cringe when you hand over your website deets and try to rely on hustling hard to make up for what your brand lacks. 

It’s time to shelve the shame and up your brand game! I’m here to make the journey from connection to conversion a love-filled adventure your dream customers will want to take again and again. 

You’re ready to do things the stress-free way.  

Maybe you’ve tried DIYing but weren’t happy with the results you were able to achieve. Or maybe you’ve worked with somebody else in the past, but it hasn’t felt quite right. In either case, you’ve felt more stressed than successful, and now you’re searching for a way to amplify your results … without accelerating your grey hair growth. 

My entire design process is focused on you. I’ll be by your side every single step of the way, putting my heart and soul into lightening your load and taking the pressure off with creative visual solutions you and your customers will love. 




You feel lost when it comes to choosing the perfect ‘look’ for your business. 

Despite the plethora of Pinterest boards you’ve created (and the insane amount of Instagram scrolling you’ve done!), you feel overwhelmed and conflicted by all of the choices available. Especially when you think about making the right choice for your business and brand. 

I believe your business is unique and deserves a one-of-a-kind brand and web design. Beyond fonts and colours, I’ll help you explore your business in a whole new way through my signature brand discovery process. 




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Past adventures

"Never will I ever use another web developer other than Emma Troy. Working with Emma on my new website was like walking into a five star hotel, having the red carpet rolled out and then being pampered and treated like a total VIP star.

cassandra lane, wild spirit co

She was my pro developer, designer, illustrator and project manager all-in-one, completely taking the stress off my plate during the website development process. Every single interaction with her was thoughtful, caring and showcased just how much of a rockstar expert she is. She saved me at least a hundred grey hairs and managed to turn what could have been a mega stressful experience into a fun, exciting and pleasurable adventure that I didn’t want to end! And as for my final website? Phwoar. I’m in love with every single pixel and I know this is exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. If I was ten feet tall and was sitting atop the tallest building in the world, I still couldn’t recommend her highly enough."

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"I have worked with Emma on numerous occasions now so it was a no brainer to have her work on my website, which became a full re-boot because of the design I chose.

bambi gosbell, photography by bambi

Emma made the process seamless and enjoyable, even helping with content creation, providing advice and recommendations where she thought I needed it. I would highly recommend Emma Troy Design to any Creative or Professional seeking a sleek new website to match your personality and business function.

experience bambi's journey

"Emma Troy is exceptional in every sense of the word. Emma is incredibly talented and knowledgeable when its comes to design and branding.

jan jones, branch & blossom

 She is a true professional who always does exactly what she says she will do and delivers on time. Emma is an absolute joy to work with and made it so easy for me when my website was being built. Since opening my business Branch & Blossom in Sept 2018 I have received much praise for my website and branding both from fellow business professionals and customers. The high volume of my online sales alone reflect the calibre of Emmas work. If you want nothing but the very best for your business then Emma Troy Design absolutely needs to be your first choice."

experience jan's journey

 "I was in a complete business transition and wasn’t 100% where my brand was going but knew exactly what I wanted and it just wasn’t happening for me till I met this amazing, creative and professional lady whom I have just grown to love.

jessie mccubbin, jessie & co

She listened to everything I said & put up with my back and forth and she delivered the most stunning designed logo I could have ever asked for. My new logo and branding is 100% me, I couldn’t recommend Emma enough or praise her work enough to thank her for what she has created for me and my business. I love working with Emma and look forward to working with her in the future."

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