Two roads diverged in a secret wood...

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Which one will you choose?

Grab your compass and start
your Emma Troy Design adventure.

Two roads diverged in a secret wood...



I'm Emma Troy

I’m here because I understand how important it is to have meaningful visuals that share your story with captivating care and compelling creativity.

And you’re here because you’re ready (oh so ready!) to elevate your brand, attract your dream customers and make a memorable impact on the people that matter most through creative visual storytelling.

With a background in marketing, over ten years’ experience as a graphic designer, and a lifetime of being an artist – you could say, I live to create!

My design process is focused on guiding you on an adventure from imagination to real-life inspiration, transforming your vision into professional, polished and irresistible branding, visuals and designs that propel your business forward.

Because this entrepreneurial quest you’re on IS an adventure. And an incredible one at that! So, together, let’s make sure your story is filled with heart, soul and plentiful success.

Chief popcorn muncher, head chocolate connoisseur, resident artist, passionate visual storyteller and your creative bestie at the Emma Troy Design farm.

amy richmond, amy richmond stylist

"Emma’s professionalism and authenticity was what initially what made me contact her for help with my branding. I knew in my head what I wanted to convey but I had no idea how! I also wanted to find someone who I connected with as branding is a very personal process for me! Emma helped me to make my brand come to life and convey who I am and what my company represents. Outstanding service and I am thrilled with the results."

jessie mccubbin, jessie & co

"Emma delivered the most stunning designed logo I could have ever asked for. My new logo & branding is 100% me, I couldn’t recommend Emma enough or praise her work enough to thank her for what she has created for me & my business. I love working with Emma & look forward to working with her in the future."

Nalan Erdogan,  BeauDazzled Beauty

"I am so impressed with Emma’s work ethic and professionalism, let alone her kindness and patience!"

Karen Robinson, Hampton Home Builders

"You did an amazing job Emma Troy Design. From your initial script to get insight, style and meaning behind the company story, to the mood boards and the grand finale which became our logos, branding concept and style. We thoroughly enjoyed every part of working with you and every time you popped into our inbox we let out a little “squeal” then madly tapping at the desk waiting for our computers to load to reveal the gorgeous concepts we had been presented. Looking forward to working with you on the next project."

My artistic journey

Creating, and creativity, has always been a part of my life. From crayons to quilling, painting to storytelling, drawing to sewing, I’ve always been unable to resist transforming ideas and dreams into creative visual stories that evoked real emotion. 

When I was little, I would make my own books by stapling together art and writing stories in them. In school, I was the student who wrote a 20-page short story … when the brief was for four pages. And as an adult, I’m never far from a pencil, paintbrush, notebook or new idea. Art, design and storytelling has always come naturally to me.

Which was why, after school, I completed my studies in graphic design and marketing, before working as a designer for Hunter TAFE.

After 5 years, I studied web design and then decided to unleash my potential and step outside of the box with a business devoted to helping creative businesses connect with their dream customers. 

Today, I help incredible businesses just like yours build brands, websites and visuals that illustrate their story and illuminate their value, so they can effortlessly cultivate the success they deserve.

When I’m not immersed in creative branding and design projects, you’ll find me kitted up in gumboots while I stroll across my farm and find a cosy spot to re-read Pride and Prejudice for the thousandth time.

My approach to elevating your business and helping your brand reach new heights

The Emma Troy creative philosophy

My promise

show me!

Your business deserves original, one-of-a-kind visuals that are as authentic, unique and creative as you are. Nothing cookie-cutter. This is an experience that’s truly designed just for you.

Creativity for creatives

My mission is to help you unearth your inner treasure and uncover the driving force behind your work, so you can build a business that’s not just profitable, but purposeful too. The ultimate feel-good blend!

Passion and purpose

I’m a small-town girl with strong family values. I love celebrating the creative industry by fostering long-lasting relationships through meaningful collaborations.  

Cultivating community




One day I want to …

Write and illustrate a children’s book featuring animals from our farm. Take my mum to an art class at Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny. Visit Lyme Park (Pemberley Estate from Pride and Prejudice). Horse ride through the Rocky Mountain National Park with Caleb (once I’ve mastered riding without freaking out!). Enjoy a white Christmas!

I bet you didn’t know …

I love scary movies and historical period dramas on Netflix (think Reign, The Crown and Outlander). I can’t get enough of 80s music and movies. I grew up in a small country town in north west NSW where my parents still live. My partner, Caleb, is a horse-whispering, bee-nurturing, ship-sailing legend that thankfully tolerates my copious tea-drinking. 




On the weekend you’ll find me …

Hanging out with my partner and best-friend Caleb on our beautiful property located in south east Queensland with our herd of animals. Having an afternoon dip at Rainbow Beach. Drawing and painting with a cup of tea on our veranda, and if the Queensland sun isn’t too steamy, you’ll find me in the garden tending to my roses. 




Fun facts about your resident creative

Get to know me better

Meet the flockers

These are my furry co-workers and the animal friends you’ll find on my farm. Grab a pair of gumboots and come meet them!

Best known for: Sleeping in physically impossible positions. 

Duke the Weimeraner

Best known for: Her forceful snuggling and bush cat escapades. 

Lulu the cat

Best known for: Herding fails.

Indie the Kelpie cross

Best known for: Being a protective patriarch.

Jackie Chan the rooster

Best known for: Making adorable chicks. 

Toffee the chicken

Best known for: Thinking she’s a cow (and tricking us into believing her winter weight might be a lamb!)

Sage the ewe

Best known for: Hosting dance parties (really).

The bees

Best known for: Looking like a real-life unicorn.

India the Crabbet Arabian

Best known for: Bucking and farting. Often at the same time.

Annie the Quarter Horse

Best known for: Her crazy carrot obsession. 

Nicky the Crabbet Arabian

Best known for: *Almost* being able to touch her eyes with her tongue … and stealing all of the mangoes from our trees. 

Fudge the cow

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