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I’ve made making your Showit site easy with customisable templates that allow you to harness my design, Showit’s tech and your genius to create a site that connects, converts and contributes to your success. 

 “Ooft yes, show me how!”

Building your own success-provoking website doesn’t have to be an overwhelming odyssey crammed with panicked late nights, hordes of tech tantrums and *WTFamIdoing* migraines. 

Hey, daring DIYer and adventurous entrepreneur...

Packed with personality and as cute, clever and creative as you are.

Meet your next pro website sidekick!

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Say hello to Lola – the latest template.


Minimalistic? Yes please! Lola is understated elegance meets soulful simplicity. This 'light' template will help you kickstart your online business minus the overwhelm of a large site.

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It's time to stop dreaming and start doing with a template that's larger than life. Frankie is here for businesses ready to unlock their potential and impact more people.

A bold, playful and strategic Showit template


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The trendsetter! Inspired by editorial design, this template is sure to turn heads and evoke emotion – perfect for heart-led creatives and stylish entrepreneurs.

A bold, sophisticated and edgy Showit template


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Stand out from the crowd with Billie – the perfect internet sidekick for fearless brands looking to own their unique style with confidence and class. Move over Carrie Bradshaw!

A bold, expressive, flirty and fun Showit template


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Flaunt your fun, fierce and playful personality with miss Penelope: the colourful, captivating website made for creative dreamers ready for self-made success. 

A fun, colourful and modern Showit template


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Swoon. Harper is sophisticated, nostalgic and romantic – the perfect digital partner-in-dime for elegant artisans and makers ready to inspire irresistible impact and influence.  

A sophisticated, nostalgic and romantic Showit template


Best Seller!

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A breath of fresh air! Willow is free-spirited, inspirational, and a bit of a rule-breaker – the perfect template for adventurous entrepreneurs ready to do things differently. 

An emotive, minimal and balanced Showit template


Fully customisable
Change as little or as much as you want. Zero coding needed. Sans the fuss and frown lines.

Powered by Showit
A drag-and-drop (yes, really!) website platform. It's like Canva but for websites. Easy peasy.

Personality packed
Beautifully designed and made for the website runway. Get ready to stand out.

Built to convert
Created by a pro designer using a proven conversion formula. Crafted to connect and captivate. 

Why you’ll love an Emma Troy Showit Template

*Sobs into ice-cream*

Okay, so I know other website templates have a reputation for being ridiculous pains in the butt. 

But, mine aren’t. 

Pinky promise. 

“But, Emma, building your own website can be hard!”



Unleash your creativity by following the (super easy) user guide and (stress-free) tutorials to replace your fonts, colours, images and copy. 


Stress-free set up? Coming your way, cutie! Just create a Showit account, log in and use your share key to install your template. Easy. 


Choose your Showit site template sidekick and checkout. Your user guide will be delivered directly to your inbox, complete with a (magical) share key. 

Pick your template

 Set it up

Customise and
make it yours

Just drag and drop. Click and create. Sip and shimmy.

Building your Showit site has never been easier

Whispers from the woods


"I'm now receiving enquiries from a more sophisticated target audience who I was missing out on previously."

"I landed a well paid speaking gig within a month of launching."


"I was sick of Wix and Squarespace templates I'd seen a million times before. The amazing template has set me up for success."

"I've tried other templates but none were anywhere near as beautiful"

natalie franke

"Creating your shop has helped us get the site launched in record time without having to build a custom site from scratch."

"I'm so grateful for your template, you are such a talented designer."

rachel hawkins

"Emma's template saved me so much time. I a really love how unique my site looks and I have been impressed with how easy Showit is to use."

"I hit my target in the first 24hrs of launching my new offer."

daring diyers
are saying

nicole joy

"I can't believe I didn't know about Showit earlier - it's so easy! I love the template because all the design was done - I just had to personalise it! My new site looks AAAAAMMMMAAZING."

"I can't believe I didn't know about Showit earlier - it's so easy!"


"The most appealing thing about the template was that the guesswork was taken out of it, the layout is beautiful. It was easy to customise and the turnaround time is on your terms. I adore your work Emma. You are a true professional and offer such a beautiful product to those who want to share their work with the world."

"It was easy to customise and the turnaround time is on your terms."

solaine douglas

“I'd previously used Squarespace and found it really hard to customise the design features. Showit is really easy to use and I love how much I am able to customise each element and I am really proud of my new online home. Your templates are amazing and such a fantastic option for a new business.”

"Showit is really easy to use and I love how much I am able to customise each element."

mathilde kien

"Showit is SO MUCH easier than Squarespace. It's a real drag and drop. The Penelope website is gorgeous and I feel like the branding was literally made for me! Investing was not scary — I could see the value in this template."

"Showit is SO MUCH easier than Squarespace. It's a real drag and drop."

It's time to stop scrolling your competitors website and finally create a site that connects, converts and contributes to YOUR success.

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